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Breakfast 7.00 a.m. - 10.00 a.m. / Lunch  12.00 p.m. 3.00 p.m. / Dinner 6.00 am. - 9.00 p.m


À la carte


  • Mexican tortilla soup served with avocado and cheese

  • Heard of Palm salad with avocado and citrus dressing

  • Caesar salad served with garlic croutons

  • Costa Rican Fish Ceviche


Main courses

  • Seared Fresh Tuna with sesame seed and tamarind reduction

  • Chicken  fajitas  served with corn tortillas

  • Grilled Tenderloin with chimichurri

  • Catch of the Day with garlic lemon butter

  • Rice with shrimp


  • Alfredo Pasta with ham and mushrooms

  • Pomodoro Pasta Fresh tomato sauce with basil

  • Bolognese Pasta beef sauce

  •  Carbonara Pasta with Garlic, onion and bacon

  • Choose your prefer pasta fusilli, penne, spaguetti


  • Pepperoni Pizza

  • Ham and mushroom pizza

  • Supreme pizza with all condiments

  • Pizza margarita ,Tomato sauce, fresh basil and mozarella cheese

  • Chicken and mushrooms pizza

  • Black olives Pizza

  • Anchovy Pizza

  • Artichoke Pizza


  • Cesar chicken wrap

  • Beach Club Sandwich with chicken, avocado and bacon

  • Ham and cheddar cheese Sandwich

  • Ciabatta Capresse Panini with creamy pesto

  • All served with French fries


  • Chef's Choice

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